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Welcome to Driven To Live

Join the Driven Community, for those who want to drive faster and further, but with more joy, peace,

Why You Should Join Me

“I created this community because I covet conversations and discussions about ideas and what I can apply to my life. What will further my work, my health, and my relationships?!” These top the list. What truly inspires or interests you? Bring it in here and let’s talk. When I have a guest on a show I tell them we’re here to have an inspiring conversation, just as we would over a cup of coffee or glass of wine. That’s what the Driven To Live community is for. I’d be honored to join you as you drive forward toward the work and life you feel called to.”

All that’s left is to “Choose a Plan,” which means paying money. The big decision. “Will It work for me? Will I get value? Is it worth $45?” Let me offer this; see the graph here? I literally drew it. If you lean past the midway mark to “Heck yes,” do it. If you’re over on the, “Meh, not moved” side, don’t. And be ok with it. If you do join and come in, I’m asking you to right away post on our main forum, what you are most looking to make progress in right now. And let’s start talking.

Replace your daily social media scrolling and memes and quotes and pictures, with social connection that will lift, inspire, and grow your life.

Private Group: Start communing with invested peers.
Podcast classes: Every podcast episode becomes a class.
Live Q&A: Every week with me to discuss what matters.
Business Building: Increase your influence, bank account and more.
Life Building: The end goal, tend to what matters in your life.
Experts: Get feedback from rockstar guests on the podcasts.
Drive Formula: Work through it and get your Drive in alignment.
Events & Meetups: Connect with other members, even in your local.
Book Study: Take your reading, to learning.

Still have questions?
Just email me now: [email protected]